Dr. Richard Spitzer

July 22, 2000

Post #1152 – 20000722

Dear DP:

A few years ago I heard an excerpt of one of your tapes on NPR while calmly driving down Ventura Blvd. in LA. I vividly recall a portion in which a dog starts to speak in Yiddish; I nearly lost control of my car. His Yiddish, by the way, was far better than mine.

Anyway, I’d love to get ahold of that tape, principally because my 97 year old father would probably get a big kick out of it. Which story? On which tape? And is it still available?

PS: Ratatouille diet works.


Richard Spitzer, MD

Daniel replies:

Actually, that wasn't an excerpt from a tape, but a reading from a work in progress, that's still in progress. So..not available yet. And there are no official tapes of my stuff available either. The best I can suggest along the lines of the Yiddish-speaking Malamute in the Yukon, (which I like myself), would be the collected essays in ""Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle,"" published by Xlibris, and available from them ( xlibris.com ) or from amazon.com. Later, when Chinwag Theater gets some corporate underwriting, and we can add a whole person to our staff, we may contemplate starting to release some tapes--but not yet. Thanks for asking, and giving me the opportunity to discuss this, as though corporate types read this website.