June 23, 2000

Post #1144 – 20000623

Dear Daniel,

You might remember me, I’ve e-mailed you before. From knowing you like The Simpsons from a other letter (maybe not now) I was just thinking you could really have a funny roll. Maybe you could be Homer’s new friend. I don’t know but that would just be good for you to be on it. Another thing; do you know a site (that isn’t auctioning) that shows pictures of you’re books (specificlly Fish Whistle) and you can buy them? also, how old were you when you wrote The Terrible Roar? And plus, who is your favorite comedian, actor, and movie? And will they show you turning into a vampire in 4 fantastic novels? I hope so.



Daniel replies:

I gave up being a cartoon. Too late to start again now. There are a couple of booksellers listed around here who are fair and not overpriced. Auctions, and amazon.com tend to have out-of-hand prices for out-of-print books of mine. I forget your other questions.

(I have a cold, and my brain isn't working). Check out The Werewolf Club #1: The Magic Pretzel. Yes, that's right friends...Pinkwater has sold out, and is writing one of those dinky series of chapterbooks. Buy a copy, and see how I did it. (In The Werewolf Club #2: The Lunchroom of Doom, a psychiatrist gets eaten--sort of a nice touch, I think).