June 13, 2000

Post #1142 – 20000613

Great DP,

I’m in a bit of a quandary, or perhaps a byte. Ever since I bought several copies of the half-Borgel cassette from Dove Audio, I’ve been circulating them among various family members for their listening enjoyment and eventual conversion to the cult of DP. Unfortunately, all it’s led to is a bunch of people bugging me at every possible occasion for the missing second half of the story, which due to Dove’s slight incompetence in cassette-package design (that is what you said it was, no?) was never released for sale. Is there anything to be done, any secret stashes of Borgel: Part II lying around in heaps in an underground bunker somewhere, hidden from the world? Please help a desperate family. They’re starting to threaten me.

Daniel replies:

Oh, famous Ed, father of this very website, I have an answer for you: Even this week, Chinwag Theater commences a serialized reading of Borgel, and you, living in the borough of Brooklyn, can hear it on WNYE 91.5 FM. Also, on the first page of this site, you can see where and when the program will be streamed on the web. The less said about Dove Audio's various practices the better. Also, the book is all but back in print, as part of 4 Fantastic Novels from Simon and Schuster, so you can simply read it to your friends and family, or have someone with an accent do it.