Jean-Hugues Rolland

May 23, 2000

Post #1128 – 20000523

Dear Sir:

I have the blues, my all time favorite book, Blue Moose is nowhere to be found!!! I don’t have any children, yet, but ever since my parents and I heard the phrase “Dave says thank you” a good 12 years ago, we’ve been hooked on the story as well as clam chowder.

The first time I heard the story was at the public library of a little town called Larchmont in New York. Since then I pretty much traveled the globe (following the furniture, and my parents) looking at bookstores if they have a copy. I am 25 now and I’ve set myself on a mission: to find this series along with the audio tapes.

Could you please help me pay your bills.

Jean-Hugues ROLLAND

Daniel replies:

I know. It's sort of a crime. Blue Moose is a classic, and was in print for something like 25 years. I think there is a license somewhere that has to expire before I can get the rights back and have it published again. I used to think that publishers were pathetic, counter-productive, and self-destructive. Now I think that all business is that way, and we live in a corporate world.

Stop the presses! I am informed that Blue Moose and Return of the Moose may exist in one Bullseye Paperback from Random House. You may contact them directly to find out if it is in print. 201 E. 50th Street, NY, NY 10016

Stop the Presses II! Chinwag Theater is currently broadcasting repeats of the Moose-cycle. See the initial page of this website for times and links to radio station webcasting Chinwag Theater. Last week was Blue Moose. This weekend's offering it Part I of Return of the Moose.