Debbie Williams

May 1, 2000

Post #1113 – 20000501

Mr. Pinkwater,

My kindergarten class is involved in an author study. I am so excited to get to read The Wuggie Norple, in just two days. I love the book, and each year that I read it, several children respond to it with the same kind of enthusiasm that I do.

Each time I visit Borders or Barnes and Noble, I am disappointed at their selection of your books. I have voiced my disappointment on several occasions, but to no avail. Why is it so difficult to find your books? I do not mind ordering them, but cannot imagine why they are not shelved in the bookstores.

As you can tell, I am a big fan! I have been told that I have a unique sense of humor, and am quite amused by your writings. Thanks for the smiles and the laughs.

Daniel replies:

Why doesn't my supermarket have Vernor's ginger ale, which is way superior to other brands? Why don't they have real pickles in barrels of brine? Why are there no genuine bagels within a 40-mile radius? Why a lot of things? It's the stupidity of stupid business people, who will be eaten alive by smarter business people in a little while. For example, lists all my books, and you can order them at a discount. And, you have to wonder what other books the big cube store isn't shelving, because they aren't mass-produced, mass-market, mass-brain, junky to semi-junky books. Waiting in the wings is something smarter that will eat amazon. Meanwhile, stay out of fume-ridden shopping plazas, drive your car in the country, where it's beautiful, and order books online. (You can do it right here on this website, I believe).