Emily Maltese

May 1, 2000

Post #1112 – 20000501

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Wow. You have fantastic books. Right know my dad and I are reading Alan Mendohlson boy from Mars in the 5 novels book. Now to tell you a little about myself. I am 10 years old I live in Syracuse/Fayetteville NY I would like it very much if i could meet you. You are such a great writer. I used to live in cold spring across from west point.

How do you come up with such great ideas for books? Thanks for giving ed hume this address so i could write to you.

Thanks for writing such great books,

Emily Maltese

PS my dad and little sis love u 2

Daniel replies:

So cool that you and your dad are reading something of mine together. Things like that make my heart thump and my nose run. I have been to Cold Spring several times, and through it on the train numerously. Do you ever hear Chinwag Theater? I believe it is carried by your local public radio station. Please listen, and then tell the radio station to keep it. I know who Ed Hume is. A man to be trusted, but not necessarily believed.