April 25, 2000

Post #1104 – 20000425

For my Humanities term project, I am doing a study of Dadaism, partly because if inspirations from “Young Adult Novel.” Sadly, we never studied Dadaism in class, so I took it upon myself to enlighten my fellow students by making Dadaism the subject of my term project (I have my teacher’s permission).

In homage to the Wild Dada Ducks, I am going to get a toilet seat (I don’t think I could obtain a whole toilet) and put it in the school’s trophy case, and have my Humanities class see it as part of my project.

A lot of the stuff I’m making is kind of mild Dadaist art. I have one piece that I call “Flower,” except that the “flower” is an aluminum can on a base of leaves made from clay. My other piece, “Fly in the Soup,” is a bowl with a bird and some clouds painted in it. I am currently working on a piece that looks like a car tire, but it will be a Dada piece because of the name I will give it: “Sacred Artifact.”

If you have any ideas for more Dadaist creations that I could make, that would be really neat.

Daniel replies:

You don't make it clear whether you yourself read things about Dada art, and saw examples of some of the famous Dada works. Did you? Or are you just making goofy art objects yourself. Dada was a relatively short-lived movement, and was actually fairly boring. Do you think the characters in my book understood it?