Mr. Cutlers Reading Class

April 25, 2000

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Dear Mr.Pinkwater,

My reading class just finished reading one of your books out of “5 novels” and we loved it! The Snark out Boys and the Avacado of Death was totally original! But one or two questions, if you don’t mind. One: When did you first start writing? Two: Where did you come up with some of the names in your novels? I mean, Lower North Aufzoo Street? Where did you come up with that? Thank you for your time.



From Norwood School

Mr. Cutlers Reading Class

PS- Would you mind speaking to my class? We would really appreciate it. We’re big fans of yours! If you are interested, please email

Daniel replies:

I can speak to your class via tape cassette: You send me one with questions, a blank one for answers, and return postage. Evan can forward an email to me, if you ask him to in the subject line of your post.