April 9, 2000

Post #1089 – 20000409

Hi there Mr Pinkwater,

How kind of you to answer notes from avid readers, fans and hangers on. I am yet another librarian (I really wanted to be a dancer girl in a rock band but things didn’t work out) from Canada and a real hanger oner. I am delighted Lake Ontario gets mentioned in your next book. I stumbled across your novel The Snarkout Boys… the first year I taught ….in a very small town in rural Ontario…where there is no culture except for men whose pants don’t seem to pull up properly and really tough women who hung out in Laundromats with tight jeans on and high heels. I was very alone there. When I stayed at school too late the caretaker would shake this bottle of pills at me and say “them guys don’t bother me – I have my friends here.” Yikes. I really needed your book. It took the edge off weird and helped me cope. You’ll be happy to know I got another job and got out. Then the small town got a serious doughnut shop and seemed to get a whole lot more tolerable after that.

I didn’t get to read your book to real kids until I taught a class of grade 6 and 7 gifted kids. (They helped me understand the Jewish stuff. My background being a ministers daughter and all really didn’t help.) The only part that made me nervous was the Nazi science teacher. Anyhow, I just got your new book. (5 Books!)I am happy. Is it possible to hear you in Canada? Will you come on a book tour? Toronto has many people who wear chicken under their toques, eh.

Best wishes,


P.S. At the risk of sounding like an MTV interview or something I would like to know what music you listen to.

Daniel replies:

Yes! You can hear me in Canada! You can hear me over the internet. Various times and links to stations which stream their signal can be found on the first page of this site. (More to come, I suspect). I am impressed and encouraged by postings from enlightened librarians here!