Leah Walton

April 5, 2000

Post #1085 – 20000405

Mr. Pinkwater,

I fell in love with you a few weeks ago, when I was quite sad, in my car, on a long car ride. I just left some friends across the globe in Moscow, and was feeling so lonley. I was listening to “Car Talk” because I thought it would make me feel better, or at least I would learn something about my car which I hardly know how to drive. Well, the next caller came on the line, and it was no other than you! You told us all about your new car (the bug), and some other stuff…but I found out that day, that you were so smart and such a beautiful speaker. It put me in a better mood, and I had a good car ride. Imagine my surprise when I was once again listening to NPR, feeling lonley, (but not so lonley anymore,) and there you were again. Goofing around with Charity, and reading from a most marvelous book. I was hooked!

I wish I could give you a happy ending for the lonely writer sending you this note….so I will! Your tales spread smiles on my once weepy face, and I tell all my friends about lizards, and a book in which they can be found–and you might find that “Lizard Music” is suddenly popular in the English bookstores of Moscow.

Thanks for cheering me up,

A Friend who Danced to Lizard Music

Daniel replies:

So...wait a second, let me get this straight...Lizard Music can be found in the English bookstores of Moscow, but you can't get it a Barnes and Noble? Now I need cheering up. Is there an amazon.comski? Somewhere in St. Petersburg is a morose young woman who turned up a few years ago and told me she wanted to be my official Russian translator, so I said she was. I never heard from her again.

Life is a series of puzzles for me.