Robin Shapiro

March 29, 2000

Post #1079 – 20000329

Is there anything potential book buyers can do to persuade a publisher to issue (or reissue) more of your books? Is there someone to whom we could send letters or e-mail declaring our interest? And what information can I give my local NPR station about Chinwag Theatre?

I’m a college librarian, and I find it interesting (though not surprising) that nearly every children’s librarian I know loves your work.

Robin Shapiro (not, as far as I know, related to Natasha)

Daniel replies:

If I knew how to persuade or influence publishers there would be several more decent books in the world, and I would be totally happy. I am just waiting for them to be replaced by something better. Speaking of which, even as you read this, Evan will probably have begun posting where and when you can hear Chinwag Theater on the web! As to telling your local radio station: It comes from Michigan Radio. It is free and without charge. Around 70 stations carry it, and virtually none have dropped it. Listeners like it. And you should get two friends to tell the station to carry it, and those two friends should ask two friends apiece to ask for it, and those friends, etc., etc.

And I love children's librarians.