Linda Frasier

March 23, 2000

Post #1074 – 20000323

Mr. Pinkwater,

Of course, my husband and I laughed our heads off when we read Lizard music to our (then) 6 year old son. He liked it, too. He was really worried about the rabbit when the kid left the island. I’m glad Chicken Man remembered to pack it. Made me realize it’s a great kid book, too.

Is it my imagination, of does the library’s copy of Fat Men from Space have more pictures than my paperback? I’m worried that I may be missing something. Should I look for a hardcover or am I just imagining things?

I’ve been busily digging up Yoborgle: Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario and The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror on the internet (both hardcover). Also scored a hardcover Hoboken Chicken Emergency and some Snarkout audio tapes for my friend with the brain tumor, who is now having radiation therapy. I think we may have to start a political movement to give this country a weirder sense of humor so that your books will be easily available.

My friend was very happy to hear that she mustn’t die, because you will write more books. I think it made her whole week. I think she’ll like the Baconburg Horror. She was in love with James Dean when she was a teenager and will really appreciate the poetry. She was a lot like the Rat.

Gee, what this about a demon in a drain? Did I hear something like that on NPR news? I think I may need to do some more looking.

Are 3 dogs too many? I think my giant 2 year old wolf-dog needs a playmate. The old dog would rather sleep. I take my dogs to the park so that the big one can find playmates, but a puppy seems like such a great idea. Do you have anything sensible to say about this, like the more the merrier?


Linda Frasier

Daniel replies:

I don't believe in wolf-dogs as a matter of principle, if you mean a wolf-dog hybrid. They tend to be dangerously shy, or dangerously aggressive, or hyper-sensitive...and the good ones act like regular dogs you can obtain at the shelter without encouraging ignorant people to breed the problematic hybrids. Don't get another wolfoid.

Get something nice and durable and good-natured, and big.