March 19, 2000

Post #1070 – 20000319

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

My favorite story of yours is “The Blue Moose”. When will you have that story on again. (I live in Salem, Oregon and listen to OPB out of Portland. You didn’t have that station in the ones listed in your web site, by the way.)

Keep on writting. Keep on reading your stuff on the radio- it’s great!!

love, louie

Daniel replies:

Chinwag Theater has moved from the station in Iowa to Michigan Radio. They plan to help us, which no one did for the first two years. Soon we will announce a new email address, and we hope to have an improved web site, which will include an up to date station list, and maybe even prior announcements of programs to come. This would be a very good time for people whose local public radio station does not carry the program, and who might wish to hear it, to bug said station to look into it. Thank you for bringing it up.