Natasha Shapiro

March 17, 2000

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I once had a copy of the book Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy From Mars. I borrowed it from the library, told them I lost it and paid for it….I couldn’t give it back. I do not condone this dishonest behavior, but I felt that it was my only way to get the book. I was wrong, and I guess – as punishment – the book was destroyed in the Northridge earthquake. ( I know the ground around me is shaky…literally as well as figuratively.) It was my most valuable possession. Once, in a previous earthquake, we were evacuated from our home because of a gas leak (they thought we were gonna explode, but we didn’t), and we had no time to gather our stuff. I left the photo albums, but brought the book. True story!

Anyhow, I have been searching for a replacement for sooooo long, and Amazon finally replied to me saying that they found a copy of the book for me. Here is their reply…

Hello from We have new information about your order and need to hear from you before proceeding.

We have excellent news from our out-of-print book buyers. They have been successful in searching for the item you ordered and you will be interested in what they have found.

Ordered item: Daniel Manus Pinkwater “Alan Mendelsohn : The Boy from Mars”

Price: $118.99

Shipping & handling charge: $3.99

Total charge for item: $122.98

Binding: Hardcover

Please follow the link below to your personalized price approval page on our website. From here, you will have

the opportunity to approve the new price or to cancel the item from your order.

**PLEASE NOTE** that this out-of-print item is not on hold. In order to have the best chance of securing the book,

we ask that you approve the price of the item within THREE DAYS. guarantees that our out-of-print matches are in good condition or better. “Good condition” refers to a previously-read book that shows some signs of wear and may have minor flaws, but has all pages and leaves present.

All books are subject to prior sale. Since items are not on hold for us, we cannot absolutely guarantee that a match we’ve found will still be available when we contact our supplier to purchase the book. We will notify you immediately if that is the case.

Please be aware that if you do not approve the item within 30 DAYS, it may be cancelled from your order.

Is it just me or is that a bit much to pay? (Even though it really is the best book on the entire planet?)

Do you know of anywhere else (besides 5 Novels – which I already own – of course!) that I can purchase Alan Mendelsohn…preferrably in hardcover? And if I were to find it, is there any way to get it to you for an autograph?

Thank you soooooooo much for responding to me – you cannot imagine how much it means to be able to communicate with one of the most inspirational people in my life.

Most Sincerely,


Daniel replies:

Natasha Shapiro -- That name again! Like music! Like the song of birds! Whenever I read it, I feel a gentle breeze and inhale a sweet fragrance. Ah! (Or, Oy!) Natasha Shapiro!'s clear...she loves me! Bliss!

Natasha Shapiro, are you a bibliophile? Must you have a hardcover? A first edition? Interesting that through this correspondence we discover who's responsible for the Northridge earthquake. While I'm sure amazon's price is fair, I am also sure that sitting somewhere on a shelf, (or more likely in a bin marked, ""Junk Literature $1.98 ea.""), is a copy of A. Mendelsohn such as you seek. Since you have the text in the handy 5 NOVELS package, you can afford to wait and seek, check alibris and other internet used book sites, possibly rummage in actual shops. When you find it, I will be delighted to inscribe it to you, and experience the joy of actually writing your name, and returning your self-addressed, postage-paid, mailer. Arrangements can be made through our good Webmaster.