Natasha Shapiro

March 7, 2000

Post #1058 – 20000307

I am torn. I made the decision years ago to keep my own name when I get married. This way, I can one day have a child named Kevin Shapiro. (although I do not intend to orphan him.) My boyfriend says he wants me to have his last name when we get around to getting married. He doesn’t understand the importance of the Kevin Shapiro legacy. Have you got any advice about what I should do? It’s bad enough that his name is Boris and I have to deal with the Boris and Natasha stigma for the rest of my life…aren’t I putting up with enough? Please advise.

Daniel replies:

Perfectly simple. You hyphenate: Natasha Shapiro-McGurk (or whatever). Or, you can alternate last names, Shaprio one month, McGurk the next. Or give your child Shapiro as a middle name. Would that all problems were so easy to solve--and involved such delightful monickers. Best wishes to Boris.