Austin Hagerman

March 3, 2000

Post #1054 – 20000303

Mr. Pinkwater,

I have just read 5 Novels and I must say, it was incredible. I just can’t get enough of “The SnarkOut Boys” and “The Last Guru”. The level of details and clarity is astonishing, and it sort of pulled me in, and made me imagine the whole scene. My only complaint is that I cannot find any more of your books! Well, anyway, keep up the good work, OK?

Austin Hagerman, 13

Daniel replies:

Nice writing, Austin. There's another fat bind-up like 5 NOVELS scheduled. Meanwhile, you might want to try THE EDUCATION OF ROBERT NIFKIN--a relatively overlooked book, maybe because no giant talking worms or spacemen in it. Then there is the classic LIZARD MUSIC, available in a cheap paperback. Try the library, and