Jay Martin

February 26, 2000

Post #1047 – 20000226

Dear Daniel,

My wife and I are expecting our first child- a boy-in July. I am bibliophile to the nth. degree and I hope that my son will follow my lead. To that end, I am going to read to the kid like crazy. (I’m still trying to think of some light fare to read to the child in the delivery room.) Can you provide me with your Top 20 recommendations in children’s books? My order for “Henry Hikes to Fitchburg” was placed this morning.

I hope you are still enjoying your new Volkswagon Beetle.

Yours truly,

Jay Martin

Daniel replies:

Top 20 children's books. You can hardly go wrong with Pinkwater, you know. I am the very best there is. Seems immodest, and in my role as radio kiddie book commentator it would be unseemly and give the impression of corruption to say it--but it's a fact. Stick with me, and your kid will grow up to be a classy individual. (There's proof of this walking around. I met with a big bunch of college students recently--fans of mine--and they were an impressive lot. I take full credit).