Daniel Niels Hauser

January 15, 2000

Post #1022 – 20000115

My name is Daniel Niels Hauser I am 10 years old, I really like your books, can you write another SnarkOut Boys book with fat guys from space, by the way some kid in my class think your books are weird do you know why? Daniel

Daniel replies:

I have always thought I might write another Snarkout book. Maybe one in which they are grown up, or almost grown up? I'll get around to it.

Daniel, people with limited imaginations and/or vocabularies often say ""weird,"" when they mean, ""funny,"" or ""surprising."" Be kind to people like this--they are often confused, and sometimes enraged after buying something they didn't want at all because they saw a commercial. This is what you should say to them: ""There, there...everything will be all right.""