Carla Fink

January 15, 2000

Post #1019 – 20000115

HI Daniel –

Hearing you on the radio – especially with Scott Simon – never fails to make me happy. I’m not sure what it is about your voice, but when I heard the story about your family going to California (like a while ago), I had to pull over in hysterics (in my car). So, I was thinking this morning that I would happily pay my public radio station $100 if you would record the message on my answering machine. Personally, I think Kark Cassel, although I’m sure he’s an extremely nice man, sounds like he has pebbles in his mouth. But your voice on my machine would cause people to leave MUCH MORE POSITIVE messages, I feel sure.. Anyway, I thought maybe this would be a good fund-raising gimmick for public radio. But at any rate, maybe you’d be willing to do it for me for a contribution. Maybe not. What do you think?

Thanks for your funny sensibility and finding such wonderful children’s stories.

Carla Fink

Framingham, Massachusetts

Daniel replies:

Pay your public radio station $100? What have they got to do with it? I'd record your answering machine message for $100. Heck, for $300 Charity Nebbe and I will come to your house and do Chinwag Theater.