Daniel Feldman

January 14, 2000

Post #1018 – 20000114

Dear Mr. Pinkwatwer,

I began reading you about fifteen years ago when I was in fourth grade. I began writing to you shortly thereafter. Gettting a letter from you was a real treasure back then. They were usually short postcards (with you waving on the front), but they meant A LOT to me back then. My friends and I took to snarking out, every once in awhile I will run into one of them who remembers those times and cherished them as much as I did. Your influence lives on! I read and really enjoyed Fish Whistle, do you have any plans to write anymore “Adult” books? Or can you recommend any kids books that older people would like? It was cool to read things about your own life.

Anyway, Hello again and keep up the good work!

Daniel replies:

I don't know what I may write in the future. It depends a lot on what publishers are willing to buy, (in case anyone has wondered why there has only been one kids' novel since 1988).