Nicole Zwiren

December 14, 1999

Post #1005 – 19991214

Dear Pinky,

I am sick and its my birthday today. I love your books (especially Alan Mendalson the Boy from Mars, and The Snarkout Boys and The Avacado of Death)

My question to you is; I know you have been on NPR, did you get the name Alan Mendalson from that news dude on NPR? Sorry if I spelt Mendalson wrong but I don’t have the book anymore, I gave it to my dad in New York.

I made him read it but he didn’t like it much. He also forgot it was my birthday today cause when he called me I had to remind him. This is the worst birthday I have ever had except that I don’t have to go to school (thats the good part about it) This is my first time visiting this site.

My uncle told me about it. I love you. Please answer my very important




Daniel replies:

There's a news dude on NPR called Alan Mendelsohn? I never heard him! I only listen to Corey Flintoff.