Robin Rowland

July 9, 2023

Plumbean the Dog

Mr. Pinkwater,

thought you might enjoy seeing my dog, Plumbean. The Big Orange Splot
struck a chord with me when I read it to my kids more than 20 years ago, and
I’ve been using “Plumbean” as a password since (with the requisite numbers and
special characters, of course).

I was providing
a dog with a temporary foster home for a rescue organization, until I suddenly
realized two things: first, he looks like a Plumbean, and second, he’s my dog!!!

fun introducing him to people on our walks. Some say, “whaaaat??” and others
just burst out laughing. I get lots of opportunities to share the wisdom of The
Big Orange Splot.
Maybe you’ll get some new readers!


Daniel replies:

I have to say, Plumbean is a truly outstanding-looking fellow! I am honored to have such a distinguished pup named after a character I wrote. If she had the opportunity of meeting him, The Peach, (picture attached), would be equally impressed.