St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church

July 11, 2020

Permission to use in worship


I’m communicating to you on behalf of the ministry team at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church in Vancouver, Canada. Our children and family minister is wanting to use “The Big Orange Splot” during an online worship service that is live streamed then uploaded onto youtube. Due to these interesting times of COVID, we have had to get creative in how we worship and create community, so we are hoping we can share your lovely story to do exactly that.

blessings to you.

Daniel replies:

Of course, you may use it. I don't suppose I need to stipulate that you may not charge to view, sell copies, or otherwise profit from use of the material. I am pleased that you want to use a story of mine in a worship service, of all things, but I hold the opinion that the author of a piece is often the last one to have an idea what it may mean, so I am sure your interpretation is the right one.