March 23, 2019

NPR- “Disease of Convenience”

I was trying to remember if it was Mr. Pinkwater who had a brief story on NPR 15-18 years ago about fibromyalgia…  I’m sure it was not well received by the fibromyalgia patients at the time and most likely was removed from the NPR archives.  However, I did find it funny, in its tongue-in-cheek light.

Curious minded in Alaska-


Daniel replies:

I'm trying to remember if it was me also. Since I was paid, (marginally), to be funny rather than make important points, it was probably tongue-in-cheek, if it was mine. I almost remember....did this piece include a list of ailments than which I would rather have fibromyalgia, such as cancer, coronary thrombosis, plague, and being bitten in half by a very large shark?