The Wisdoms

July 16, 2020

Map of The Pinkwater Universe


My whole family are huge fans – probably because The Last Guru wormed into my brain into the 80’s and never left – so I have been introducing Pinkwater brain worms to my own boys – 8 and 12 – who LOVE your work.

We’ve noticed certain characters and storylines span from book to book – obviously with the books like the Snarkout Boys, but less obviously how Big Audrey – the Cat-Whiskered Girl – is introduced in The Neddiad then goes on to her own title. Are there any other books that are interrelated but aren’t so obvious by the title?

Or, does there exist a map of The Pinkwater Universe? In my imagination it would be magic and would look a little like a combination of the map from Time Bandits and a corn muffin, but it could be as simple as a list of grouped interrelated characters and books.

Thanks so much for all of your books! Wonderful!

The Wisdoms of Pennsylvania

Daniel replies:

I'm starting to get tired of explaining to people that I have no idea what I'm doing, in writing and in ordinary life. It so happens that human evolution has progressed beyond the point at which there may have been other deranged authors, some of whom, presumably, who knew how to write. Nowadays, if your taste runs a certain way...I won't characterize, not wishing to insult're stuck with me, and for the better educated, that other writer, I forget the name. In reply to your question, I don't put those characters in the books, they just show up. Clever of you to notice.

[Webmaster's note -- you might want to check out the Hoboken Chicken Emergencyclopedia, which is somewhat akin to what you're looking for but sorely out of date!]