Charles Wimmer

November 19, 2018

Lizard Music- different editions?

Hello,   I’m re-reading “Lizard Music”   as an adult,   for the first time in decades.   It is a book that I remember quite vividly.    This may be odd,  because I could not tell you the plots of the last two Rowling novels,   even though I remember enjoying them immensely.    Anyway,   did the book change between editions?    I could have sworn that  (in the earlier copy),    Victor mentions the title to the film  “The Island of Dr. Moreau”   while watching it on his first night alone.     I remember thinking that it was not a real film and made-up for the book   (of course,   this is not true).     In the edition I am reading now,   the film is described,  but not mentioned by title.     Am I imagining this?     Did the book change?    Or am I just wacky?

Daniel replies:

Understand, everybody else has read the book more recently than I. In addition to writing it, (those long years ago), and reading over my manuscript before submitting it to the publisher; then I had to read at least parts of it during the editorial process, if any; then there was the final read-through of the edited and approved manuscript; next the printed galleys for typos and errors; and finally the bound book arrived, (no requirement to read it, but this would be when readers would raise questions, such as yours). From then to now, unless I might be the reader for an audio version, I'm not likely to  have ever read the book again. Which is to say, I don't know if there are any differences between editions or printed versions--there aren't supposed to be any. Or you're just wacky.