July 1, 2018

Just Thank You

We recently signed out Bear and Bunny from the library.  I just want to say thank you.  I wish you could hear my 5 year old giggle and laugh through the ENTIRE book.  Such a sweet, funny, and memorable story.  I love that I can share the amusement with her.

Daniel replies:

What could be cooler than a message like this?  I think it must be sort of interesting how an adult person, such as myself, has been able to write stories that a five-year-old will find funny, but people seldom bring up the subject, or ask a question. I'm going to assume that someone reading this is curious about how I do it, and I will try to explain it now. When I was small, my father and his brother were home-movie enthusiasts, so I inherited several reels of film showing me as a little kid, doing somersaults, jumping around in my footie pajamas, all the usual things people film their kids doing.  But what I was able to notice, I can't explain how, was that I had a sense of humor when I was five.  It was the same sense of humor I was going to have for the rest of my life.  As a little kid I had a much narrower frame of reference, but what struck me funny then would strike me funny now.  Knowing that, and believing it's probably true for everyone, is how I am able to write funny books for little kids.  People who think kids will laugh at things adults wouldn't find funny usually miss the mark.