Mike Arsenault

May 2, 2018

How can I get?

I was first introduced to you in the 1980’s with an Audio recording of ‘Fishwhistle’.   I became obsessed with it and as a result,  I wore out several cassettes.   I’ve been searching high and low for another copy, but  alas, in this part of the world,  not many seem to know of it.  How can I get an UNABRIDGED  download?   I will gladly make a generous contribution to get one.   Don’t let me down Pinky!

Mike Arsenault

Berwick, NS


Daniel replies:

>I don't know. I have only a vague memory of the audio cassette, the recording thereof, the complete lack of communication with the publishers, and never receiving any payment. I'm not sure I even have such a cassette. However.....it is a book, the cassette of which you write is a recording of me reading from the book. This is a radical suggestion, I know...you could get a copy of the book! You could read it! Those stories which appeal to you will stay with you, you will remember them. Then you could remember them in your actual head without the need of any sort of electronic equipment. (Except your head, if you prefer that interpretation of how the brain works.)