Michele Landsberg

December 27, 2018

How are you?

Dear Daniel,
I’ve just been thinking of you lovingly as we sat around the kitchen table (my daughter and I and her eight year old son, both of whom live with us) howling (!) with laughter as we read aloud The Werewolf Club #1

Thank you! I think of you often and thank you for all the love of language and hilarious laughter and amusement at crazy humanity. I hope you and Jill are thriving!

Love from Canada — Michele Landsberg

Daniel replies:

Delighted to hear from you! Naturally, we remember you fondly, and that neat book you wrote, etc. We are thriving as a matter of fact. Thank you for asking. I like The Werewolf Club #1 quite a lot. #2 is also good, then they sort of trail off a bit but have occasional moments, that's how it so often is with series, and then the publisher was making no effort to sell them, which is the same as saying they suppressed them, (as I'm sure you know, there is often competition within a company, one employee's project against another, and sometimes they make deals among themselves, scuttling a book that was acquired cheaply to apply more energy to promoting some project a superior colleague is backing), so I became less interested in the writing. (I just throw in the inside information because I know you've had a general interest in the field.) Did you know that this very website on which we are exchanging greetings and remarks is a Canadian production, and hence the general excellence?