Tony Homer

November 16, 2021

How about that ratatouille diet?

I’ve been trying to lose weight and I remembered listening to the ratatouille diet segment on NPR, but I couldn’t remember what show it was on or how long ago it was.  I had imagined it was a few years ago.  I searched on NPR and was shocked to discover it was actually 25 years ago!  Funny how recall works.


I sent a support request to because the audio files are missing and I’d like to listen to them again.


My question for you is, do you think the ratatouille diet would work for someone trying to lose weight today?  My plan is to use Soylent powder ( for most of my calories.  Unfortunately, Soylent alone, leaves me with satiety problems.  I was thinking about what to do about the satiety problems and the ratatouille diet popped into my head!  I think ratatouille could solve the satiety problems for me.  What do you think?

Daniel replies:

I don't give, nor am I qualified to give, health or diet advice. Anybody can make ratatouille, there are recipes everywhere and you don't really need one. It makes sense to me that some people may lose weight if a vegetable stew is a major and consistent part of their diet. I don't know anything about the powder you mention, but I am suspicious of all products like that. Good luck with a healthy diet, and weight loss.