Ralph (Bud) Harris

October 10, 2020

Have you ever read Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls or the sequel Destiny of Souls?

I’m a retired elementary school teacher. One of the most important books I’ve ever read was Lizard Music. The silent walk when Victor could remember everything down to the most minute detail was fascinating. But what I found most worthy of notice was the house of ideas, the notion of a collective consciousness, especially while reading Newton’s Destiny book. I would love to discuss this with him some time. I’m 74, taught in Boulder for 30 years, and I grew up in a restaurant. We could also talk food, even though I’m thin and can eat anything I want. Love anchovies!

Daniel replies:

Nope. I don't read stuff like that. Always puts me to sleep, and then I have these weird dreams in which I imagine I have lived before. Same thing used to happen if I ate a hamburger late at night.