Mel Gilden

November 17, 2018

Happy Birthday to a Fellow Mug

Mr. Pinkwater,

I had no idea it was your birthday, but I am pleased that you are having one. 

This message is labeled To A Fellow Mug because I still have the letter you sent me many years ago telling me that “writing is a mug’s game.” I keep that quote near me always, but it doesn’t do any good. I continue to write, mostly kids books, and more than a few are available from Amazon or Wildside Press.

Very nice that many of your books are being reprinted. That is always a good thing. Right now I am reading Uncle Boris in the Yukon. I don’t have any dogs myself, only cats, but I am enjoying the book very much anyway. My favorite book of yours is The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death. 

I went to John Burroughs Jr. High a few years after you did, and I recognize some of the teachers (the PE guy in particular) and some of the surroundings. Were you a member of the Space Legion?

Thanks for all the wonderful books, and for the early encouragement. 

Hot jets, clear ether, spaceman’s luck,

Mel Gilden

Daniel replies:

I too was pleased I had a birthday, (it is now the day after). If I had no birthday I would not have been here to attend John Burroughs Junior High School, or write all those books, or receive good wishes from you. I was not, to my knowledge, a member of the Space Legion. I was a member of the Remedial Gym Class, is that the same sort of thing?