Jackie Cash

March 17, 2020

Greetings from CoronaVirus California

Well, as one of the first survivors of this particular plague, I just wanted to tell you what got me through it, and my intention in telling you is that I want you to get through it.

I like you, you see, and I would like it if you lived.

I was able to Ward it off with a combination of ( raw ) garlic toast, sunlight, actually eating vegetables and the ever-popular chicken soup.

I am a person who prefers to subsist on pretzel rods and Laughing Cow Cheese, so let me tell you being forced to eat my vegetables, and raw garlic, and to go into sunlight of all things! These are desperate measures I would not recommend except in times of plague and I do heartily recommend them to you my beloved Mister pink water

I’m sorry you had to come to Eeyore’s book so often in the 1980s they were really hoping you would meet me and my father was absolutely insensible to my pleas and he would take me about 40 miles away. He had his troubles and I have to say you helped me in a lot of them in particular the phrase “some people are just pre-civilized” was very helpful in regard to that man. I love you, take care of yourself, stay afloat.  Yours, Jackie Jack Cash

Daniel replies:

We're ahead of you on the veggies and chicken soup and sunshine business. Not only is it our response to various pandemics as they wander through from time to time, it is the reason our immune systems are getting all the help we can give them, and we are quite robust for our ages, except mentally, of course. Terribly nice of you to share your common-sense program with us, and through this website to other intelligent life forms. 

I draw a blank trying to remember Eeyore's book store, but I hope I conducted myself in a dignified and correct manner with regard to whatever it is that you refer to in the last paragraph.