Audrey, Reed and Paul Livingston

January 16, 2023

fan mail – 2 generations of Pinkwater fans

This is a fan letter from two generations of Pinkwater fans in our family!  First, Reed, age 9 — who wants to say how much he enjoyed Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars! And now Audrey, age 12: I really liked the Neddiad and Lizard Music.  Especially the turtle in the Neddiad — since we live near Albuquerque and that was where he picked up the turtle.  

And now from their dad, Paul (age 46) — I first read Fat Men from Space when I was — I think — 6 and after that really grew up with your books throughout my childhood.  Reed adds that he read Fat Men From Space all in one night!  Somewhere I think I heard it said that your characters let kids know that they can have real thoughts and real lives and adventures and I think that is true.  It seemed like in childhood I was always reading one of your books and it’s been great to read them to my kids, and also to follow the newer ones with the adventures of Audrey’s namesake the Cat-Whiskered girl.

So that’s just to say thanks for all you have written and keep it up!

Daniel replies:

Very nice of you to take the time to let me know you and the kids have been enjoying my books. I think it may be true that what I write, although it's fictional and fantastical, has the effect of pointing out that actual everyday life can be entertaining and exciting...that's certainly how I've looked at mine, because it has been those things, and still is. I am not super-famous or rich, and most decent people have never heard of me, but the readers I have are the best readers there are.