Tara Somerville

August 4, 2020

Did you know my mother?

Hello Daniel, my friend Siusla Gregory introduced me to your books about a year and a half ago. I have absolutely loved Fish & Whistle,, Chicago days Hoboken nights, The Snark-out boys & the  avocado of death, and I’m currently reading Superpuppy  and absolutely loving it. I also borrowed Usla‘s copy of The  Agony and the  Eggplant where I found out that you went to Bard College at the exact same time as my mother who then was Judith Goldstein and I believe she was a fine arts major. She passed away March 19 and I miss her so dearly so when I saw that you were at Bard the same time as her I wanted to reach out and find out if you knew her at all. One of the first books of yours I ever read was about  that Jewish chicken named Yedda  and I thought how funny that’s  my great grandmother‘s name and now I can’t help but wonder if you knew my mother somehow. It’s  ok if you didn’t but if you did let me know if you remember anything about her. And really it’s ok if you don’t remember, I actually take such joy in considering that, even if only remotely, she was maybe one of your influences. Much respect & gratitude, Tara Somerville

Daniel replies:

I do remember your mother! She was part of a sizable portion of the student body, especially females, who did not actually shun me, but did not seek my company while being perfectly friendly and polite. It was an expression of taste...I understood it at the time, and understand it today. So I remember a nice-looking young woman in some of my classes, who appeared to be a happy person and went around with a bunch of friends I also hardly knew. I'm pretty sure had you asked her if she remembered me, her report would be similar, but I am happy to be reminded of her...she was part of a time and place we all enjoyed and treasure.