March 15, 2019


Yo Mr. P,

I read your books again and again, from time to time. Last night, instead of doing homework, I would read one of your books. I read Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars. This book has to be in my top 15 Pinkwater books to read–it is very good! 

In any case, whenever I read about the Bermuda Triangle Chili Parlor, I think about how I have never eaten at an establishment that is like this one. I have only been to one place that specializes in Chili and that was in DC. It was OK, but the building looked like a 1950’s style diner. I always picture the Bermuda Triangle as being in an old brick building. I can’t remember if you describe it in the book or not.

My question is: Is there a place like the Bermuda Triangle Chili Parlor in existence? Did any restaurant from your youth…or oldth inspire you to add it in your book? Will you tell me where it is? As I write this, I question whether or not I even want Chili any more, but I am sure I will next time I read your book, so you gotsta help me, man!

In solidarity,


Daniel replies:

You never know when it will happen, or where, or how. There are places, but there's almost no point in saying which or directions to get there, because when you go back, or when you send someone, they're not there. For example, I remember going into a kind of mini-mall, or expanded gas station, in Flagstaff, Arizona, and there was a place...I was served a bowl of chili, and next thing I knew I was high up in the mountains talking to a holy man who explained the meaning of everything. Then he was gone and I was sitting, covered by cracker crumbs, and completely happy. I went back the next day and in place of the chili parlor was the office of a discount dentist, claimed he'd been there for years. So, I ask you....