Jessy Randall

April 8, 2020

Bushman Lives sequel?

I am getting through the COVID-19 quarantine by rereading your books. I just re-read Bushman Lives and liked it even more than I liked it the first time, which was already a lot.

I googled around and learned that you used Twitter to share some or all of a sequel to Bushman Lives, but I can’t figure out how to see those old tweets. Is it possible? If it isn’t, would you consider putting the sequel out in some other way? I really really want to read it. I mean, they got to go to the island in Lizard Music – in Victor’s case he got to go back – but we didn’t get to hear about it! Is the Museum of Memory still there? I think about that museum every day.

Please help.

Daniel replies:

I posted some fragments of a first draft of that book when my agent more or less forced me to open a Twitter account. At that time I could not sell a novel anywhere. This sort of thing has happened from time to has to do with the very high level of intelligence of corporate America in general and publishing in particular. Now, things have changed. By the simple expedient of accepting sums identical to those I got 50 years ago, when just starting out, I can get novels published, and even found quite a nice publisher. One book is ready for publication, ADVENTURES OF A DWERGISH GIRL, and I just signed a contract to write another book. I have 3 or 4 novels in mind that I've been meaning to write, and am just about to make up said mind. Your reminder of the Bushman sequel prompts me to go in that direction. This is why I will not repost the little snippets you remember from my debut on Twitter. I may write the whole story. Thanks for asking. (P.S.Though I was unable to unload novels for a while, the picture book business has been ok, so look around for forthcoming examples.)