Josh Pachter

August 15, 2020

Alan Mendelsson?

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I am a dad in Virginia with a grown daughter in Arizona. When Becca was small, we read many of your books aloud together. Now, with the virus raging, we can’t visit each other, so we’ve been spending time reading old favorites aloud by phone. She recently read Borgel to me, and I’m now reading Alan Mendelsson, Boy From Mars to her. We wonder if there’s any chance you might ever consider revisiting either of these two marvelous sets of characters, and we wish we knew if the Fafner in both books is the same dog.

Thanks very much for the pleasure you have brought us in the past. We’re looking forward eagerly to Vampires of Blinsh and The Adventures of a Dwegish Girl  (which we just pre-ordered).

Stay safe! Keep writing!

Regards from Josh and Becca

Daniel replies:

As accomplished readers, (of mine!), you have noticed that characters sometimes migrate from one of of my books to another. So, I can reply to your question with, "anything can happen." More to the point, thanks for sharing the charming account of yours and your daughter's telephonic read-alouds. I have always known that while I may not be such a great writer, for some unknown reason I get the greatest readers.