August 13, 2019

ABC Piano Internet Radio

 Mr. Pinkwater,

 I have a question for you regarding an Internet radio station that was called ABC Piano. Classical piano music was the only thing that was played on this station. However, it seems to have gone off the air within the last year or so. When I used to listen to it regularly, there was a host with the name of Daniel Pinkwater (or at least I believe that’s what the name was). Was that you? If so, what happened to that Internet radio station? I can’t seem to find it anywhere online anymore. In the past, I would listen to it using the TuneIn app. Then the station disappeared from that platform, and I was able to find it on a website called It disappeared from that website, too, and now I can’t find it anywhere. Is there a way to still listen to it here in the United States? Or has the plug been permanently pulled? I hope not because it was such a great source of solo classical piano music. I hope you can shed some light on this mystery. Thanks so much for your time!



Daniel replies:

Yes that was me. I was primarily the English language announcer on Radio Mozart, which also seems to have disappeared.  I can't say exactly what happened, but when I volunteered to record announcements on Radio Mozart it was all Mozart all the time, and Nicolas Goyet, the producer and proprietor, made brilliant selections of performances. I think he made some kind of deal for bandwidth with that Radionomy outfit you mention, I don't know for sure, but after a year or two really horrible, loud and aggressive advertisements turned up on the station, anyway for USA listeners...didn't fit with the music at all. Even though I admired Nicolas's curatorship, my listening migrated to stations like Venice Classic Radio, and thus I'm not even sure when Radio Mozart, ABC Piano, and other stations of Nicolas and Radionomy stopped, and by this time I'd lost touch with Nicolas. He did a wonderful job for quite a while.