June 2, 2019

A Song Inspired by Snark!


Starting with my mother’s choice to read me the Big Orange Splot, on through my own reading of Borgel, Yobgorgle, and continuing into my 20s with my current fascination with Kevin Shaprio’s Fanatical Praetorians, I have felt the presence of your (Mr. Pinkwater’s) writing for my entire life.

I’ve felt this presence so strongly that recently, when I sat down to write a song (as part of my current quest to release one original piece of music a month until the end of days), I found myself thinking about one of my favorite places in the Pinkwater universe – The Deadly Nightshade Diner – We Never Close!

Thank you Daniel Pinkwater for providing such wonderful inspiration, and for creating some of the best movie theaters and restaurants in fiction for anyone, young or old, to visit in their minds.

If you or anyone else wants take a listen, you can find the song here:

Daniel replies:

Well, that is some superior song! Not only is it a memorable tune, with clever lyrics, the performance reaches a high professional standard. My aged great toe was tapping inside my moccasin, and at one point I could not resist jumping up and executing a couple of fancy steps. It is my high honor that a work of mine should have inspired such a composition.