Dennis Franco

January 1, 1997

Post #639 – 19970101

I heard the new diet segment on NPR but didn’t sink in until I reflected on it.

I need to shed some winter weight and it sounded credible.

Where can I get it? (the diet) ratatouie..sp? recipe?

Thanks Daniel…I also enjoyed your call in to Car Talk which prompted this message. (I loved the call about your old BMW….I have an old one too.

Daniel replies:

Dennis, I will send Aileron the text of my fool-proof ratatouille weight-loss plan, (not diet, please--diets are dangerous things, and many people make themselves uncomfortable and/or endanger their health by dieting--my plan is just eating a lot of yummy vegetables instead of double cheeseburgers). I am sure Aileron will post the piece here. Thanks for your kind words, and the old BMW is running fine!